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SoClean CPAP Sanitizer

Dirty CPAP Equipment Could be Making Users Sick

If you find that you’re getting sick more than usual, a dirty CPAP could be the culprit. That’s because CPAP equipment is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Are you doing everything you can to keep your CPAP clean and prevent infectious diseases like pneumonia and the flu?

This white paper will provide a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know:

  • Surprising facts about the link between CPAP therapy and infectious diseases
  • Common CPAP cleaning methods—and why they aren’t good enough
  • SoClean: the faster, easier, more effective solution

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Did you know? The SoClean CPAP sanitizer uses the same sanitizing process found in:

Water Purification

Produce Handling

Hotel Housekeeping

Hospital Sanitizing

Simple one-time setup

The SoClean CPAP cleaning unit connects with all types of PAP equipment including CPAP, Bi-PAP, BPAP, and VPAP.

Kills CPAP germs in minutes

Activated Oxygen cleaning powers through your CPAP reservoir, hose, and mask.




















Close the lid and go!

The SoClean sanitizer starts automatically after you place your CPAP mask in the chamber and shut the lid.

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